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  • The Canadian a cappella connection – EP18

    On this weeks episode we hear some of my favorite Canadian a cappella groups including: Moxy Fruvous Streetnix EH440

  • A Cappella songs featuring female names – EP17

    On this weeks episode we hear from some groups that are no longer together and each song title features a female name. Hear original songs from: Vocal Tonic Extempo Static Flow

  • More Solo A Cappella – EP16

    On this weeks episode we hear 3 more solo a cappella songs from the following artists: Scott Leonard - https://music.amazon.com/artists/B00724T65C/scott-leonard Richard Steighner - https://www.patreon.com/RICHARDSTEIGHNER Mister Tim -Home (mistertimdotcom.com)

  • A Cappella Music rocks! – EP15

    On this weeks episode we hear original music from: MeasureXMeasure SpiralMouth Arora - https://www.aroratheband.com/

  • The Minnesota A Cappella Connection – EP14

    On this episode we hear from 3 Minnesota a cappella groups that hold a special place in my heart. Four Shadow Tonic Solfa - www.tonicsolfa.com InPulse

  • The German a cappella connection – EP13

    On this weeks episode we listen to 3 groups from Germany including: The Wise Guys - http://wiseguys.de/ MaybeBop - https://www.maybebop.de/ VoxdID - https://voxidmusic.com/

  • It’s Ladies Night, a cappella style! – EP12

    For this episode we turn things over to the ladies! This week we feature songs by: Women of The World http://womenoftheworldmusic.com/ Stiletta https://www.stiletta.nyc/ MVP https://www.facebook.com/mvpsings

  • Some of my favorite a cappella groups that I have seen live – EP11

    On this weeks episode we hear original songs by:SoVoSO – http://sovoso.com/ No Better Cause – https://www.facebook.com/nobettercause1/ Rockapella – http://www.rockapella.com/ ***Original Release Date 6/10/2020 https://uncoveredpod.org/ https://www.podpage.com/uncovered-a-cappella-with-brian-michaels *** ALL SONGS USED WITH PERMISSION ***

  • The Concordia College A Cappella Connection – EP10

    This weeks three groups all have something in common. They all got their start at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN.

  • High School A Cappella – EP9

    This week we get taken back to school. Let's hear originals by: Denim TAG (The A cappella Group) https://cypresslakevocal.com/ on social media follow @TAG_cypress Forte - http://forteacappella.com/