Happy Anniversary Fourth Avenue! – Ep161

On this weeks episode we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Fourth Avenue! One of the handful of groups I started playing 30 years ago.

Fourth Avenue – Fourth Avenue | Band Without Instruments

NexDetour – NexDetour | A Cappella Power Trio

***Original Release Date 8/23/2023



3 Replies to “Happy Anniversary Fourth Avenue! – Ep161”

  1. Fourth Avenue

    Love your show! Thank you SO MUCH for the feature on our anniversary and your support of original a cappella! You have been a dear and treasured friend over the years. We appreciate you noticing us and playing us back when your radio show started in 1997 and also the phone calls over the years sharing our love of a cappella!

  2. NexDetour

    Brian, you are the BEST! We appreciate you sharing our debut EP and helping us celebrate this important year for us as a group! Thank you for your support of original a cappella! We look forward to future episodes of this FANTASTIC podcast!

  3. Fourth Avenue

    One correction: Scott has always been considered an original member along with Jim, Ryan, Chris Steward and Maurice Harris, but Maurice Harris founded the group originally.

    Thank you, again, Brian! This is an awesome celebration of our 30 years singing together.

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